Within the Lobby of Leon House, you’ll discover a new ‘View of Croydon’.

Riccardo Paternò Castello’s art comprised of 9 canvases depicts one view of Croydon from Leon House. Using a combination of charcoal, acrylics and powders, Riccardo has created a beautiful, abstract painting for the residents of Leon House to enjoy.

Located in the Lobby and Coworking area, the artwork continues a body of work Riccardo started a few years ago focusing on city landscapes.

Riccardo Paternò Castello was born in Catania in 1980. After attending the academies of Rome and Florence, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 2004.

Riccardo has exhibited his works since 2002 and to date he has made several solo and group exhibitions across Europe and Asia.

“The artist invents timeless portraits of the city. He dematerializes the surfaces, recreates the spaces using a view from above and, through a personal linguistic code of signs that are juxtaposed and fit together as modules in a puzzle, reinvents urban plans that surface, arise, emerging with the expressive power of cartographic monuments.” (Myriam Zerbi, art historian and critic).