Flexible working is on the rise, with more and more businesses realising that they don’t always need their employees to be sitting in the office, working a typical 9-5 day, in order for them to be effective in their jobs.

Likewise, there has been a shift in traditional employment and career paths with many opting for a more entrepreneurial self employed route, particularly prevalent with the increasing amount of freelancers and social media influencers who list a variety of jobs on their CV.

Perhaps you are a freelancer designer, photographer, blogger or influencer all at once. If so, you may already identify as a ‘slashie’ or someone with a ‘multi-hyphenate’ career. It is individuals with this sort of working lifestyle, and employers encouraging flexible working, who are helping to drive the evolution of residential development to meet these changing personal and professional needs.

Reality of working remotely

There are of course many pros and cons to remote working. Ask anyone who works from home what they love most about their job and the answer will be simple – the freedom of not having to commute to an office.

Add in the fact that you can work in your own home office or living room with all its comforts, and it’s perhaps no surprise that many people are choosing roles that allow them to work remotely, either full time or partially.

But is working from home actually all it’s cracked up to be?

Ask the same people what the downsides of working from home are and they may well mention the sense of isolation and lack of inspiration that can occur. The most commonly discussed ‘con’ of working from home is feeling cut off and the fact that you are ‘constantly staring at the same four walls’. This drives many freelancers and remote workers to seek out public spaces to set up shop for the day.

So it seems that while working in your own private space can be a pleasure, it can also give us a desperate desire to seek out a change of scene. Thankfully, like we see here at Leon House, property developers are starting to recognise these changing needs and work habits, so are creating areas to facilitate home working – but in a new way.

Shared spaces – at home

Leon House is a great example of this new style of working from home. Light and airy shared work spaces provide the perfect solution for remote workers who are looking for a more sociable and stimulating office environment without leaving the building.

No need to pay for expensive coffee (or feel guilty for not buying another) at a local coffee shop, nor do you need to book out a desk for a change of scene. Instead you can choose a stylish co-working space situated within the building’s own double height lobby, complete with panoramic glazing, stylish work station, free WiFi and cosy breakout areas.

Psychologists even suggest that to maintain a healthy relationship with your work, it’s important to have a designated area for working in, ensuring you maintain productivity and focus too. So rather than choosing a small space in your immediate home environment, find an apartment where you can break-out into instead.

Space to unwind

It also goes without saying that when you’re investing in an apartment, the main purpose is to find a nest to live and unwind in, so you need these bonus shared communal spaces to work as somewhere to spend leisure time as well. Chic decor and comfortable furnishings ensure a communal working environment can easily transition into a comfy spot to spend time with friends come the weekend.

Modern apartments really can provide you with the perfect work and leisure environment – quite literally on your step, but still wondering what to look for in an apartment work space? Then check out our hand checklist below to take on your next house hunt.

  • Communal spaces to open up your laptop for the day
  • Free WiFi as standard
  • Building concierge
  • Bookable private meeting room for guests
  • Bookable dining room
  • 24/7 security
  • Host of local amenities on the doorstep
  • Excellent transport links

For further inspiration, why not take a virtual tour of Leon House to see where you could be working from home in the future.