We’re delighted to announce that global interior design app, Redecor, is running one of its 48hr design challenges…with Leon House, starting on the 16th of August 2020! To celebrate this collaboration, we’re hosting a giveaway competition. To enter, simply use the Redecor app to put your own stamp on a Leon apartment, then share your design on social media using #LeonHouseRedecor. The creative brain behind the best design will receive a £100 Amazon gift voucher.

Using Redecor, regular users, buyers and Leon residents alike will all get the chance to create their very own Leon House interior design. The bank of images is taken from one of our gorgeous show apartments, so the end result will be a true reflection of what it could look like.  

For some inspiration and to help get you started, we’ve set out the key design elements found in every Leon apartment. This will form the base and structure of your creation. 


Clarendon Carpets and Parador flooring underfoot; kitchens kitted out with high-end appliances; bathrooms fitted with bespoke vanity units and carefully chosen ceramics; it’s no wonder so many Leon buyers let the craftsmanship do the talking. But don’t let that stop you from using interior design to further enhance and personalise your space.

Start with how you want to use each space and consider how you want to feel when you’re in it. Do you want to feel relaxed in a living room you can unwind in? Or inspired and emboldened to take on the day? Decide how you need each space to work for you and start from there.

Cleanest of lines

With Leon House, every aspect of your home has been designed by Love Interiors; bespoke designers who worked with each room to create stylish, modern spaces for everyday living. The result is clean, fresh lines throughout.

Why not consider which colours and textures will marry or deliberately clash well with the clean worktops and finishings dependent on your chosen feel. Our team has shown how toned down, muted colours can be utilised to create tranquil settings, and equally how bright, vivid colours bring out personality and emphasise the definitions of a room. Use Redecor to play around with colour palettes that you’d otherwise be afraid to try!

Light and bright

The floor to ceiling windows throughout the apartment create bright and open spaces giving you the freedom to play with dimensions – unrestricted by a need to force light in. With this in mind, move onto furniture and think ‘zonal’.

A real sense of luxury and style can be achieved by simply using your furniture to define the space. When used thoughtfully, brightly coloured ottomans, tall potted plants, or dramatically low-hanging pendant lights above your kitchen island, can all help to divide the living space into zones according to use.

Get started with Redecor

The creators of Redecor launched their app in 2018 for people who love interior design games but were in search of something a little more realistic and true to life. The result is a game with real home decor where players can find inspiration and nurture their passion.

Great for those new to interior designing, our #LeonHouseRedecor challenge will be particularly exciting for new and existing residents of Leon. You’ll get the chance to virtually design an actual apartment, play around with different colours and textures, and try bolder combinations you may have been too scared to try previously. See what takes your fancy and, you never know, maybe you’ll love your design so much you replicate it in your own apartment.

If you’d like to see Leon House for yourself, or even get hold of the dimensions to start planning, get in touch with our team today to take a tour in person or online. Need further inspiration? Feel free to browse our gallery.


Thank you to all the participants that used the Redecor App to decorate their own version of our show apartment. After a length adjudication process, we announced Rachel Purcell, as the Winner. Here is her design.