As it’s National Dog Day this week, we thought now would be the perfect time to celebrate the growing community of responsible pet owners at Leon House.

Many apartment leases prevent owning an animal but we know our pet friendly approach is something many residents are grateful for. This USP makes Leon House a great choice for buyers who can’t imagine being without their most loyal companion.

We have a number of gorgeous dogs in residence at Leon House including Buffy the Mini Maltese and George the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. To find out what keeps these lovely dogs happy at home, we’ve shared some of our most pooch-friendly selling points below.

Company for your pet

Most dogs hate being left alone for too long and cat’s, although independent, should also not be left for long days without seeing anybody. For this reason many owners will try to avoid being out for any longer than four hours if they can help it. But, with many of us now returning to the office after lockdown, this struggle is feeling harder than ever to overcome.

For most owners, particularly those working in central London, the desire to ensure their pal doesn’t get lonely means hiring a helping hand. A reliable dog-walker can be a life changer, but why not also reach out to your fellow pet community at Leon House? Parents of children will often share childcare duties so there’s no reason why doggy parents shouldn’t also do the same whilst they juggle work.  

Parks on the doorstep

You need never fear that your dog will be bored living in a city while living at Leon House. Pet parents here are gifted with a host of fantastic parks right on the doorstep, so there’s plenty of space for your dog to stretch their legs at the end of a long day.

Croydon is ideal for people who want the connectivity to central London but also want easy access to greenery and outdoor living. Some of our most-loved Croydon parks include Queen’s Gardens, ideal for a peaceful stroll after a long day and just 10 minutes walk away, and the beautiful Park Hill Park with features long stretches of wide open grass for dogs wanting to let off some steam!

Space to roam at home

The open plan layouts of all our apartments are great for pets who don’t want to be stuck in one place for too long. They can roam around as they please and gaze out at the beautiful views to their heart’s content.

Think Leon House could be the perfect home for you and your pet? Get in touch with our team to find out more and book a tour to see this beautiful building for yourself.