Throughout your new home buying journey, you may well have found yourself weighing up the pros and cons of inner city life, compared to lusher and greener suburbs. Should you prioritise proximity to work, or the well-rounded lifestyle you’ve always wanted? If you’re currently in this headspace and in the process of deciding between two locations, then we’re here to solve your conundrum.

When it comes to work-life balance and locations within easy access of central London, Croydon has it all. But, if you’re yet to be convinced, below we’ve pulled together our top four reasons why Croydon is the best place to live in Greater London.

Historic High Streets

Less than a 15-minute walk away from your Leon House front door, you’ll find Croydon high street. The eclectic shopping hub features a range of popular retail chains – as well as quirkier independent outlets. If food is what you’re into, and you appreciate the chance to tuck into fresh locally-sourced fruit and veg, then the historic open-air market will likely be your go-to destination for your weekly shop.

Food and Culture

If you’re still hungry, then less than a three minute walk away you’ll find Croydon’s restaurant quarter, with a range of global cuisines to choose from. For when you need a bit of culture, why not pop by Fairfield Halls which is a 10-minute walk away – very much in keeping with the Leon House architecture, this original modernist theatre and art gallery first opened in 1962. Then, on your way home, take a look up and admire the famously-giant wall murals on display throughout the town centre. If a buzzing atmosphere is more your thing, then live events and street-food venue, BoxPark could be right up your street – literally.


Having easy access to central London, surrounding airports and beyond is one of the major selling points of living here. East Croydon train station is just a 15-minute walk away, and the fantastic tram system means you can be in the City within 30 minutes. Or, if you’re in a rush, you can arrive at London Victoria within 16, London Bridge within 17, and Gatwick Airport in just 15 minutes!

Park Life

With over 120 parks and open spaces to enjoy and explore in Croydon, you’ll never feel trapped by living in a city. You won’t have to travel far from Leon House to enjoy green spaces either; some of the fantastic parks on your doorstep will include Queen’s Gardens and Park Hill, which are both within easy walking distance.

Whether it’s an atmospheric location to meet up with friends, or space to switch off from a hectic work schedule you’re in need of, then the open spaces across Croydon will have it all.

Fancy taking a look around for yourself? View our video tour of Croydon to get inspired, and why not book in for a viewing at Leon House to see this fantastic place to live for yourself.