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We caught up with Richard Plant, Partner at SHW Property and Chair of Develop Croydon, to find out what’s in store for Croydon and why it is the perfect place to invest and call home…

The 2022 prices on our last remaining luxury apartments across the 18th , 19th and 20th floors, have now been released. If you’ve had your eye on Leon House for a while, now is the time to get in touch.

View of dev3elopment and parks in Croydon

One of the fastest growing boroughs of London, Croydon is a flourishing property hotspot. Offering a luxurious London lifestyle but at an affordable price, the borough has a thriving city feel. With the allure of Leon House at the heart of the town, it’s easy to see why demand to live here is firm and […]

Luxury living is just one appointment away as we release our exclusive selection of show apartments for sale at Leon House.

Whether working from home has, for you, become a part-time or full-time arrangement over the last 18 months, one thing is for sure – flexible working is here to stay. But working from home no longer needs to mean a temporary desk in the corner of a bedroom! It’s time to start putting down roots […]

We are delighted to announce that Leon House has received approval to offer the brand new Help To Buy scheme… on all of our remaining apartments!  What is Help To Buy? The government’s original Help To Buy scheme, launched in 2013, helped thousands of buyers to take that first – or second step – onto […]

You’ve been considering a move for some time, and now you’ve discovered your dream apartment – fantastic! So what next?

Every Spring the government unveils its Budget for the UK economy which maps out where money will be allocated for the year ahead. For buyers this year, the Chancellor made two particularly significant announcements.

One of the things that makes Leon House such a special place is live is the community. In this blog post, we highlight some of the main benefits of moving into the Leon House community.

Right here at Leon House, over 100 first time buyers are now settled into their brand new apartments thanks to the initiative.

With help to buy* Available on homes, your dream home could be more affordable than you think.