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With a Stamp Duty holiday and only a few months of the existing Help To Buy scheme remaining, there has never been a better – or savvier – time to get onto the
property ladder.

Let’s break down three reasons why buying a property right now could be a smart move and a win
all round for your finances.

On Wednesday 8th July, the Chancellor announced that Stamp Duty will be slashed for properties up to the value £500,000. This policy is from immediate effect and will be in place until April 2021. So, what does this Stamp Duty holiday announcement mean for London buyers? Before the Government’s announcement, Stamp Duty policy already benefited […]

Leon House has been a part of Croydon’s skyline for nearly 60 years and its iconic status has stood the test of time. But what was here before Leon, and is the building itself of historical importance? To discover the truth, below you’ll find a whistlestop tour of Leon House history. 1800s Croydonians While the […]

When we buy an apartment we also commit to paying a yearly service charge. You may already know a little bit about this and that it contributes to the upkeep of your building. But what exactly are service charges, and why do apartments need them?  What is a service charge? Service charges are payments made […]

Culture is at the heart of Croydon. With its flourishing art scene, large scale street murals throughout the town centre, and a £10 million programme underway to create a Cultural Quarter… you can’t help but get inspired here. Leon House, of course, is no different from its Croydon home thanks to the artistry built within […]

We may all be staying indoors a little bit more at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make plans for your future. We also know how many of you are eager to get inside Leon House to see it for yourselves. This is why we’re pleased to share that, following the latest […]

Traditionally, number 13 has been known as an unlucky one but all of this is about to change at Leon House! We have got 4 apartments left on the 13th floor of our luxury apartment building and our latest offer gives you up to £12,000 worth of incentives to help you buy your new home. This […]

We are pleased to announce that viewings at Leon House can now be made in person. In recent weeks, following government restrictions, physical viewings have been on hold, but during this time we’ve been…

Finding the perfect property where you can not only relax in your own space but have access to wider facilities too, can seem like an impossible task in London. Thankfully, this is all within reach right here at Leon House.

In your hunt for the perfect pad, some people may tell you that all apartment blocks are largely the same. While many properties out there may live up to this expectation, Leon House is certainly an exception to the rule.

With help to buy* Available on homes, your dream home could be more affordable than you think.