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Every Spring the government unveils its Budget for the UK economy which maps out where money will be allocated for the year ahead. For buyers this year, the Chancellor made two particularly significant announcements.

One of the things that makes Leon House such a special place is live is the community. In this blog post, we highlight some of the main benefits of moving into the Leon House community.

Right here at Leon House, over 100 first time buyers are now settled into their brand new apartments thanks to the initiative.

When it comes to work-life balance and locations within easy access of central London, Croydon has it all.

The Bedroom of a luxury one bed apartment in Croydon

we’ve continued to see more of the luxury apartments being snapped up which has resulted in all of our one-bedroom apartments being sold or reserved.

We’re able to offer in-person viewings by following strict government social distancing guidelines. We have also implemented our own processes to ensure your safety.

It’s our amazing team who make this building a home for everyone. The Leon team works seven days a week to ensure the building and its residents are happy, safe and everywhere is clean.

Its been a tough year for everyone – with life as we know it being turned on its head. Despite all the difficulties, one Leon resident explains that moving into Leon at just the right time made all the difference.

We’ve had a busy summer here at Leon House, with more apartments getting snapped up every day. The result is that only 10% of our apartments are still available to buy!

Many apartment leases prevent owning an animal but we know our pet friendly approach is something many residents are grateful for.