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Leon House has been a part of Croydon’s skyline for nearly 60 years and its iconic status has stood the test of time. But what was here before Leon, and is the building itself of historical importance?

You may already know a little bit about this and that it contributes to the upkeep of your building. But what exactly are service charges, and why do apartments need them?

Culture is at the heart of Croydon. With its flourishing art scene, large scale street murals throughout the town centre, and a £10 million programme underway to create a Cultural Quarter…

We may all be staying indoors a little bit more at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make plans for your future. We also know how many of you are eager to get inside Leon House

The government announced on Wednesday 13th May that lockdown measures for the property industry would be eased. In line with this guidance, we are now open for viewings.

Leon residents have been bowled over by the ability to not only create beautiful, city-living spaces in their own apartments, but to also spend time outside and in other peoples’ company… without actually leaving the building’s front door.

People may tell you that all apartment blocks are largely the same. While many properties out there may live up to this expectation, Leon House is certainly an exception to the rule.

Below we’ve shared some of the most frequently asked Help To Buy questions which our Leon House team hear regularly from buyers.

Thanks to a number of helpful initiatives, owning a property in London is currently more accessible than it has been in a long time. UK Finance has even stated that the number of first-time buyers in the capital has reached the highest level in three years.  

Getting a foot on the property ladder can sometimes feel out of reach for many people. So much so that HSBC found 1 in 7 young people would be prepared to buy a property with a stranger. While you may not want to go to such extreme lengths

With help to buy* Available on homes, your dream home could be more affordable than you think.