When we buy an apartment we also commit to paying a yearly service charge. You may already know a little bit about this and that it contributes to the upkeep of your building. But what exactly are service charges, and why do apartments need them? 

What is a service charge?

Service charges are payments made by the leaseholder to the Freeholder to contribute to every bill associated with maintaining the building you live in.

Every resident in the building contributes to the same pot of money. This means your building manager can always ensure not only the safety but also the aesthetic, upkeep of Leon House. Details of what can and can’t be charged as part of this fee, as well as the proportion to be paid by the individual leaseholder, are all set out in the lease. Some people will choose to pay this fee half-yearly, but the Leon team can also arrange monthly installments at no extra charge.

Maintaining the building

Health and safety is essential and therefore a number of maintenance contracts are in place for the lifts, sprinkler, fire alarms, entrance doors, and security giving you peace of mind.  But it’s not just about getting up and down the building safely. Your service charge also pays for your super Leon team who monitor the building 24-hours a day.

You not only have a dedicated Building Supervisor but also a team of Concierges on rotation who are situated in the lobby of Leon House. Your concierge provides extra security but is also there to greet residents (and your guests) with a friendly smile. You can also hire one of the various shared spaces through the concierge or collect any parcels that arrived when you were out and about.

Making Leon sparkle

Cleaners attend Leon House Monday to Saturday to ensure that all common areas across all 20 floors are vacuumed, mopped and polished. Your roof garden also receives regular visits by our gardeners who keep the pots and beds fresh, as well as maintain the garden areas to the front of Leon House.

Of course, 263 apartments also means a lot of refuse, which is why Leon has frequent routine collections. The bin store is conveniently sited within the building so no dragging out a wheelie bin in the rain – your Building Supervisor does this for you.

Keeping costs down

Electricity and heating bills for the common areas are paid for from the service charge. These are kept to a minimum thanks to the design of Leon House being as eco friendly as possible. For sustainability, Leon is fitted with high-performance heat-retaining glazing, low energy LED lighting throughout, and sensor lighting in all communal areas. All these measures help the building to run more energy-efficient and help residents to reduce their carbon footprint – win-win!

Monitored spending

You may wonder how costs are decided and whether they could end up spiraling without you having a say. Thanks to our savvy team and transparent reporting you won’t ever be in the dark. We have to account for all spending we undertake on your behalf, negotiate hard for the best price and we also provide a full independently audited breakdown once a year.

Costs are calculated so that we can also put a little aside every year in the event of unforeseen circumstances or repairs. You can find out more about this process, and be part of the conversation, by joining the Residents Committee who we engage with regularly to discuss service charges matters in person.

Leon House is a prime development which we take great pride in maintaining for you whilst protecting your investment.

For more information about service charges and your rights, you can visit the Leasehold Advisory Service website. And, to find out more about our stunning new apartments, speak to our team and book a viewing today.