Looking for an ideal location to put down roots? Want a perfect blend of work and lifestyle? Perhaps you want to buy your first London property? If you’re nodding along to any of these questions, you’re probably already considering one of the most popular and up and coming London boroughs – Croydon.

So what makes this town so popular and what is Croydon really like to live in?


Croydon transport – enough to make your friends jealous


The proximity to central London, airports and beyond is one of the primary reasons that buyers can’t get enough of Croydon. The array of handy transport links on your doorstep include East Croydon station, which can get you to London Victoria in 16 minutes, London Bridge in 17, Gatwick Airport in 15 and, for when you want a weekend trip out, Brighton in under 45 minutes.


One of the most preferred public transport options among Croydon locals is actually the fantastic tram system – no need for the underground and you can easily reach central London in 30 minutes.


Nightlife to park life – Croydon has it all

From the abundance of supermarkets to the town’s very own Restaurant Quarter, you’ll find you have everything you need within easy reach. See our blog on favourite places to eat in Croydon to get a taste for the fantastic food offering in the area.


Once you’re tired of wining and dining, you can enjoy an array of green spaces to take a breather. Believe it or not, the wider borough of Croydon has more than 120 parks to explore – making it one of the greenest areas of London to live in. The sense of space, combined with a host of local amenities, is one of the factors that most draws buyers to Croydon – truly the best of both worlds.


Croydon is more affordable


Many people will tell you, ‘it’s impossible to buy in London’ but, look in the right places, and there are affordable options in the capital. London residents are choosing Croydon due to the fact you can reap the benefits of living right in the hub of it all, without having to pay the extortionate living costs associated with central London.


As of January 2019, property prices in Croydon were 3.1% cheaper than the London average – that equates to more property for your money, and potentially a couple of years off your mortgage.


History and heritage in Croydon


If you’re still looking for more reasons to jump on a tram to Croydon to take a look around, perhaps the history and heritage will be enough to tempt you.

Croydon is undergoing an exciting regeneration process right now, but great care is being taken to retain its historic and iconic skyline. Take Leon House which has been a part of Croydon’s skyline for nearly 50 years. The redevelopment of this striking landmark also involved the restoration of a post-war artwork crafted into the interior walls themselves.


Combine this history with stunning views, high-spec interiors, handy transport links and affordable London prices, and Leon House offers city dwellers everything they are crying out for. Thanks to properties like this, a move south could truly give you the city lifestyle and home you’ve been dreaming of.